Essential guide to vaping while travelling

For those who are fond of vaping, traveling would be less fun without a vape device at hand. You can travel with these devices except for some places. That is why you must know the laws of the country you are visiting. Before you start to pack, make sure to be updated with this information. If you are traveling within the areas of the US, Mexico, Canada, or Europe, there won’t be many problems. Some countries have also totally banned the use of all vaping devices and electronic cigarettes. Severe penalties will be given to those who go against the prohibitions. These countries include the following: Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Cambodia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Singapore, Norway, Japan, and others. You have to be updated all the time since the laws change now and then.

Do research before you go

If you plan to travel by plane, be sure to look into the specific vaping policies for the airport and airline you are heading to. Remember that some airports have vaping areas while others ban vaping completely within the airport premises. E-cigarettes are prohibited in the checked baggage and have to be transported in the carry-on luggage through security and placed inside a transparent plastic bag.

Packing your vaping supplies

Two important factors have to be considered when packing the vaping gear and supplies. First of all, you have to protect your luggage and all other belongings from vape spills. Second, it is a must to ensure that all the vape supplies are dry. There are several ways to protect and to ensure that they are dry. Waterproof pouches will work if you are traveling and once you arrive at your destination. When you are headed to the beach or any damp location, make sure that your gear is inside these pouches. A dry bag, on the other hand, is a waterproof seal that can be used on items including the ejuice that you are carrying. Rafters, skiers, campers, and outdoor adventurers make use of their dry bags to keep their phones and other sensitive devices safe and dry. A protective vape case is a great thing to have when you can find one that has the same specifications as your vape.

Wrapping them the right way

When it comes to your vape kit, use a bubble wrap or soft cloth to wrap your tank, mod, and other accessories. Put all these in a plastic bag and seal it with tape. For the pod mod device, wrap the device in a soft cloth or bubble wrap. This can be carried in your carry-on luggage or your pocket when boarding the plane. For wrapping vape juice , make sure that the bottle is sealed well with tape. Wrap the bottle with plastic wrap and seal it again with tape. Put the wrapped bottle in a plastic freezer bag or a container of the same properties.

Is vaping allowed in the airport?

In most airports around the world, vaping has the same respect as smoking. That means that if it says no smoking, it also means no vaping. Some airports have a designated smoking lounge, although just a few. Vaping is also prohibited inside the plane. Anyone who insists on it could face fines of up to $4,000. You could be jailed upon arrival when you are flying to a foreign country.

Other preparations and precautions

Follow safety precautions. Before you go to the airport, make sure that your vape device is fully charged. It is prohibited to charge vape devices in planes. Be sure that the vape tank or the refillable pod is not full. Pressure from the plane may cause the vape juice to spill. Turn it off while traveling to prevent it from misfiring. For safety purposes, remove the batteries from the vape device. For those who are using the wax pen vaporizer, be sure to drain the battery or set the chamber off from the mod.

Plan how much vape juice and what vape juice flavors you will bring with you on your trip. Consider your destination and the availability and access of these items. After passing through security, wrap the items again based on the aforementioned methods to avoid vape spills.

Tips when traveling by bus or train

There are some things you have to keep in mind when you are traveling by bus or train. The following are the three most important pointers to bear in mind when traveling on the ground with your vaping devices. First, you have to pack all the vaping-related items carefully using a soft towel or soft cloth for additional protection. Make sure you place your vape device and e-juice in an area in your bag that is easy to access. This will allow you to pull out the device easily anytime you want to vape. Whether you are on a bus or train, stick to the original packaging of the vaping device and other items for safety measures.

Vapes recommended for traveling

Some vapes are recommended for traveling. One of these is Mi Pod. It’s easy to keep this small and sleek device in your carry-on bag. You can also wear it as a necklace to prevent losing this among your other things. The Mi Pod has three pre-filled pods, which makes it easy for you to reload the vape when you’re out of vape juice.

Electronic cigarettes are also great travel companions for those who vape. These are small devices that look like traditional cigarettes. Most of these are disposable though so it would be best for you to pack several of these; then you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a vendor.

For your own convenience, leave any vape with a large battery at home. Size is always a disadvantage when you bring vaping paraphernalia when you travel. These large batteries can occupy more room and weight in your carry-on baggage. The biggest risk of bringing vapes with large batteries is causing fire if ever you accidentally left it in your checked baggage. Always bring a smaller-sized vape device and double-check if it is kept in your carry-on luggage.


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